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Which topics are usually on the IELTS writing task 2?

  1. The role of technology in education.

  2. The impact of social media on society.

  3. Should parents be held responsible for their children's actions?

  4. The effects of globalization on culture.

  5. The importance of learning a second language.

  6. The effects of climate change on the environment.

  7. The role of art and music in society.

  8. Should animal testing be banned?

  9. The effects of air pollution on health.

  10. The impact of tourism on local communities.

  11. Should students be required to wear school uniforms?

  12. The role of women in society.

  13. The effects of fast food on health.

  14. Should the death penalty be abolished?

  15. The importance of physical exercise for good health.

  16. The impact of advertising on society.

  17. The benefits of early childhood education.

  18. Should the government provide free healthcare for all?

  19. The effects of mobile phones on social interaction.

  20. The role of parents in a child's education.

  21. The effects of the internet on society.

  22. Should children be allowed to work?

  23. The benefits of studying abroad.

  24. The effects of traffic congestion on the environment.

  25. Should college education be free?

  26. The effects of deforestation on the environment.

  27. The impact of video games on children.

  28. Should smoking be banned in public places?

  29. The effects of overpopulation on the environment.

  30. The importance of financial education for children.

  31. The impact of social inequality on society.

  32. Should businesses be required to have a certain percentage of women on their board of directors?

  33. The effects of plastic waste on the environment.

  34. The benefits of exercise on mental health.

  35. Should college athletes be paid?

  36. The impact of artificial intelligence on society.

  37. The effects of online shopping on traditional retail stores.

  38. The role of the government in promoting healthy lifestyles.

  39. Should the voting age be lowered?

  40. The effects of noise pollution on health.

  41. The importance of music education in schools.

  42. The impact of fast fashion on the environment.

  43. The effects of bullying on mental health.

  44. Should zoos be banned?

  45. The benefits of renewable energy sources.

  46. The impact of automation on jobs.

  47. The effects of eating meat on health.

  48. The role of parents in preventing childhood obesity.

  49. Should there be limits on the number of hours that children spend watching television?

  50. The effects of water pollution on the environment.

  51. The importance of computer skills for the modern workforce.

  52. The impact of income inequality on society.

  53. Should police officers wear body cameras?

  54. The effects of plastic surgery on mental health.

  55. The benefits of plant-based diets.

  56. The impact of gentrification on local communities.

  57. The effects of artificial sweeteners on health.

  58. Should gambling be legal?

  59. The role of the media in shaping public opinion.

  60. The effects of social isolation on mental health.

  61. The benefits of public transportation.

  62. The impact of income tax on society.

  63. Should homework be abolished?

  64. The effects of the gig economy on workers.

  65. The role of schools in promoting healthy eating habits.

  66. The effects of noise pollution on the environment.

  67. Should high schools start later in the day?

  68. The benefits of mindfulness meditation.

  69. The impact of gentrification on housing prices.

  70. The effects of vaping on health.

  71. Should college admissions be based on a

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